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Cold brewed sencha【4 benefits and how to enjoy it】in English


 Cold brewed sencha 【4 benefits and how to enjoy it】


Hello,I am chisei.

I usually work in the tea fields or dmatcha in kyoto city(our secound branch) 

If you feel hot during summer, I highly recommend  our "cold brewed sencha."





There are many benefits of cold brewed sencha


 [benefits of cold brewed sencha]


  1. not astringent
  2. Less caffeine
  3. high in  vitamin C
  4. helps build the immune system


1.not astrigent


Do you have the experience the tea you brew become astrigent?

Yes, If you use  boiled water, the tea become astringent.

 please watch Figure 1.

Have you ever brewed tea only to realize that it tastes astringent?

Boiled water tends to be the culprit. If you use boiled water when making your tea, the tea tend to become more astringent.

 please see Figure 1






When you use high temperature to brew, you extract a lot of catechin, which tends to cause astringency; however, when you use low temperature to brew, you extract less catechin.

This is why tea brewed with warm water is milder than that brewed with boiled water.


2.Less caffeine 

There are many people who do not drink green tea because they are worried about the caffeine keeping them up.

Fig1. show that if you brew the tea with warm water, you extract much less caffeine.

Given this, you don’t have to worry about staying up at night!


3.High in vitamin C

Green tea has a lot of vitamin C, but vitamin C gets broken down in high temperatures..


However, if you make cold brewed tea, you can get lots of vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps prevent freckles and skin spots.

4.Helps build the immune system

[Catechin in green tea is classified into 4 types with different chemical structures.]

1.Epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG)


3.Epicatechin gallate(ECG)



【Main effects of tea catechin】

・Antihypertensive effect・Blood cholesterol regulation・Inhibits body fat accumulation・Inhibition of blood sugar elevation・antioxidant effect・Anti-aging effect・Antimutation・Anti-cancer effect・Antibacterial effect・Antiviral effect・Caries prevention

・Antiallergic・Deodorizing effect...etc


Of these, EGCG has the strongest antioxidant effect】

There are catechin not only in green tea but also Oolong tea and black tea.

Only green tea has EGCG. There are about 10~18% of catechins and EGCG is occupied by half of catechins.


 【How to make cold brewed sencha】

It is easy to make cold brewed sencha.

We have the tea special for cold brewed.




This cold brewed sencha is blended by over five different tea fields that are grown by different cultivation. That is why you can taste many flavors as compared to single origin sencha.

 [If you want to make a lot of cold brewed sencha]



I recommend hario filter in bottle 

there is a lot of space to spread the tea leaves. it is very helpful to get taste by small amount of tea and to wash the bottle easily.




  1. add 4 teaspoons into the bottle(you can adjust how much)
  2. add water into that
  3. cool in the fridge overnight

 that’s it!


appearance of the filter




[If you use tea pot like pic]



Also easy!

  1. please prepare empty tea bag




2.add two tea spoons(6g)into the bag

like this




・Don’t make tea bag full

When water is added, light steaming tea will grow more than deep steaming tea.




3.2 tea bags for 1 liter.



[How to drink luxury by tea pot]

You can try our cold brewed sencha or gyokuro or other single origin tea.

  you can taste a lot of umami if you slowly extract the tea. you can brew 4~5 loads from the same tea leaves.




  1. one spoon full (10g)
  2. Add water to soak the tea leaves
  3. Add ice to the water
  4. wait for the ice to melt
  5. Pour the tea into a glass and enjoy




How was that? Hope you enjoy cold brewed sencha